• massage du dos

           MASSAGE  du  DOS Tarif : 60 €        Durée : 1 h     Dos   Nuque   Epaules                     Lombaires

       MASSAGE  COMPLET Tarif 85 €  Durée : 1 h 30   Dos Nuque Epaules Bras Mains Jambes Mollets Pieds

                SHIATSU          Tarif : 60 €     Durée : 1 h   Selon les besoins de votre corps et du jour.

    MASSAGE  CLASSIQUE Tarif : 60 €    Durée : 1 h Dos  Nuque  Epaules Jambes   Mollets
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Set Reiki is extremely difficult.

The origins of Reiki dates back to ancient times, but it was rediscovered in the early twentieth century by a Japanese Mikao Usui.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Energy. Japanese Ki stands Chi of Chinese acupuncture. Rei = universal, Ki = energy.

Each of us has the Ki this vital energy that is gained us from birth Learning the Reiki method differs from other methods of healing by an initiation. Anyone who has received initiation into Reiki has experienced a very old technique, for a higher level of vibration.

The Reiki energy when it is channeled by the master is not given by him but absorbed by the patient (first only serves Antenna between the universal energy (or as some like to say energy cosmos) and the patient.

At no time did the master reiki abyss or alters the vital energy of the patient

Reiki initiations are intended to reopen the channels through which flows energy. Reiki master implements an activation process to remove any blockage preventing the natural flow of energy.

The first level of Reiki attunement opens a door, allowing to channel universal energy and transmit it to a subject by the laying on of hands. This initiation, created in each person receiving a permanent opening of its channel.

Similarly there are several possible techniques of Reiki, there are several definitions of sensations perceived during treatment. Some people relax completely and frequently fall asleep. Others are nervous and have trouble letting go or they feel the energy come from the hands of the therapist. Finally, some people have the impression that absolutely nothing happens.

What we can safely say is that Reiki can in no way be harmful, it no side effects; that is to say that the energy goes directly where it is needed. Therefore, misdiagnosis of problems to deal poses no risk to the subject. Beyond our control, it is the energy itself that goes where it is useful to start the healing process.




A Reiki session lasts about 1 hour sometimes more, depending on the need of the moment. The first time we'll take a quarter of an hour (plus the allotted time) to ask some questions (such as the reason for your visit, what you expect of reiki, if you have specific pain). In a zen and relaxing space, you will be lying comfortably on the massage table.

 And there I apposerais my hands on different parts of your body in general are guided my hands, they go where they feel the need to go. During the session, you will feel the heat, lots of fun and warmth and then sometimes in places you feel like a cold that seized power, but "calm." You sometimes have strange sensations, desires laugh or cry ...

At the end of the session, we will talk about how you feel, what you favorite ... If you wish to continue, the frequency of the appointment.

After the first session, it can make you feel tired or have chills. Do not worry about it, it means your body reacts, he is healing himself.





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