• massage du dos

           MASSAGE  du  DOS Tarif : 60 €        Durée : 1 h     Dos   Nuque   Epaules                     Lombaires

       MASSAGE  COMPLET Tarif 85 €  Durée : 1 h 30   Dos Nuque Epaules Bras Mains Jambes Mollets Pieds

                SHIATSU          Tarif : 60 €     Durée : 1 h   Selon les besoins de votre corps et du jour.

    MASSAGE  CLASSIQUE Tarif : 60 €    Durée : 1 h Dos  Nuque  Epaules Jambes   Mollets
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The term "shiatsu" (acupressure) which ideogram is "指 圧" literally means "finger pressure". The reason is simple, this technique frequently uses finger pressure on specific points (tsubos). In acupressure, the thumb is the most commonly used finger, but we also use the palm of the hand (teisho), elbow (or empi hiji), knee (histui), the foot (koshi) ... Although acupressure uses the map of meridians of Chinese acupuncture is a therapeutic technique of Japanese origin, it uses no needle, just the parts of his body. acupressure is considered preventive medicine "unconventional worthwhile."
Acupressure is a massage therapy from Japan, which with the touch will bring bodybalance, it will  activate the natural healing forces. Inspired by Chinese medicine, it aims to realign the KI (vital energy) is either missing (Kyo) or excess (Jistsu).
Acupressure theory is based on two poles energy, Yin and Yang, who as everyone knows both complementary and opposite. But also the concept of the 5 elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water)
Namikoshi Sensei was originally acupressure as we know it. He realized that by applying pressure with his thumbs on his mother, he came to relieve her pain, to relax, to revitalize. 40 years later, the Ministry of Health of Japan acknowledged acupressure as a medicine.
A few years later, Sensei Masunaga (Namikoshi' student and author of several books references), took the decision to add to the traditional acupressure principles of Chinese Medicine. Which made it a much more comprehensive medicine.
In 1997, the European Parliament recognizes acupressure as one of the eight methods of "unconventional medicine worthwhile." In Belgium the Minister of the middle classes recognized it as such.

ShiatsuKanjiAcupressure Benefits

• It will reduce the stress that is acquired every day.

• It optimizes the ability to regenerate.
• Shiatsu relieves muscle and joint pain throughout the body.
• It helps to fight against depression especially against a "burn-out".
• It eliminates the tensions (physical or psychological) and stiffness.
• It gives an effect of relaxing and calming (it feels better lighter).
• Shiatsu provides greater vitality (it rises with envy).
• It calms the emotions (especially when they overflow)
• It promotes muscle flexibility which is very interesting for athletes).
• It harmonizes the body and mind (a healthy mind in a healthy body).
• It promotes concentration (very useful during exam time).
• Shiatsu facilitates relaxation (which the twenty-first century is not a luxury).
• It prevents constipation.
• Shiatsu allows to find a better self-image and thus gain confidence.
• It revitalizes the senses. (This will allow better orientation in life).
• It strengthens the recovery of faculties (in difficult times it is essential).
• Shiatsu removes fatigue (poor fatigue, which leads to stress).
• Shiatsu helps to reduce insomnia and sleep better as well.
• It increases the strength of the immune system and allows to spend the winter dry.
• Shiatsu reduces nervousness and anxiety, which are often bad counselors.
• It calms the fears and anxieties. This will allow you to breathe better.
• Shiatsu helps to feel a great inner well-being and makes you more serene.
• It dissipates physical or emotional blockages and allows you to move forward.
• It improves blood and lymph circulation.
• Shiatsu relieves pain (especially those related to bad posture during labor, Back, Shoulder, Neck). What today is a pure delight.
• It allows a moment of great relaxation and allows a moment to forget everything.
• It relaxes and tones the muscles in depth, making the most efficient.
• Shiatsu helps revitalize, invigorate the body.
• It fosters creativity and intellectual skills, which is very useful today.
• It helps in the release of neuronal hyperactivity and thus reflect less.
• It allows a better flow of energy.
• Shiatsu helps to calm painful menstruation. Which for some women would be a little happiness.



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