Le shiatsu est une thérapie d’origine japonaise qui active le processus naturel de guérison

Stress: how to get away from it - to reach an happy life

Stress, this poison that is following us all day long. Stress is at the root of many health problems. It is a body reaction, in medical terms you will be told that your orthosympatic is taking over your parasympathetic side, our body will overproduce cortisol (stress hormone), resulting in weight gain or sleeping troubles or cardiovascular disease or chronic pain ... Stress is the first cause of illness.

At our workplace, requests, requirements and the general atmosphere increase this stress. Women are mostly under more pressure than men. And we all know that it can bring a lot of damages. It's important not to let it starts because the long-term repercussions can be disastrous.

stress mal « soigné » ou chronique qui peuvent amener à la dépression, au surmenage ou au Burn out

Beware of chronic stress because it can lead to depression, overwork or burn out.

I can help you understand the true origin of your stress. But the most important for me, will be to disconnect you from this stress, to allow you to get your life back.

For a pregnant woman it is more complicated because she will communicate this stress to her child. Relaxation will be important.

Stress can cause muscle tension, digestive problems, weight gain, headache, melancholy, anxiety, difficulties in making important decisions, emotional blockages, low libido, impotence, exhaustion, lack of confidence, ...

Attention to "workaholics", who do not know how to live without stress, they are scared of the day they will stop that everything in their life will fall down.


quand le stress est parti

YOU after a massage Shiatsu à la Voie du bien-etre.

What can shiatsu massage help you with stress?

Shiatsu has a relaxing, but mostly therapeutic approach. That's why I always start with her. Then I continue with a very gentle massage, which will increase this relaxing effect and allow you to fully enjoy this moment.

I will first put pressure using my thumbs or my palms on particular points. These pressures will aim to ease these tensions

I will start with the meridian of the heart (the Chinese call it the Emperor), because if the heart is agitated, we will be unable to really relax.

If certain communication problems occur in your life (whether in your professional life or your family life) then we will work on the meridians of the element Metal.

If on the other hand they are anger that you can not evacuate (I often noticed that it is after ourselves that we are angry, because we did not dare to say this or that, or not certain things or if you are frustrated by a situation that does not evolve ...). Sport and nature are two excellent ways to evacuate, but sometimes it is not enough, so we will apply pressure with the palms of the hands along the meridians of the liver and gallbladder (element wood in Chinese medicine).

There are 2 meridians that are unavoidable in this case, it is the one of the bladder that will open the valves and allow to evacuate this overflow. And the meridian of the small intestine, because it is located "by chance", in the area between the 2 shoulder blades, where the nerve tensions are located. But these last 2 will be treated during the massage, which will be much more pleasant.

You will notice that if you feel the upper back tense, hard, sore, chances are it's due to stress.

Then I go into a very gentle massage mode, to allow the body to relax, to give up, to disconnect, to relax completely. My hands will work a lot on the back, especially the neck, shoulders and shoulder blades. I will dissolve the tensions lodged at this level.

The effect felt at this time is so good that we do not want it to stop (we fly between two worlds, we forget all the worries, it's really a moment of respite).

At the end of the session, I will connect the back of your skull to your sacrum (the heart-shaped bone at the bottom of your spine). This will "unload" the neurons.

Once, the session ends, you will feel lighter, more "zen", in peace, with these pain finally disappeared.

My patients often ask me "but why did not I come sooner? I just answer with a smile.