Le shiatsu est une thérapie d’origine japonaise qui active le processus naturel de guérison

Quickly stop a nosebleed

A nosebleed (the medical term is epistaxis) may be benign, but it is often embarrassing. It is often treated by asking you to sit in a quiet environment, to blow our nose in order to evacuate blood clots left in the nasal cavities, to lean our head back (the blood will then flow in the throat) put cotton in the nostrils (the time of coagulation), which is anything but sexy and not very practical to breathe.

The origin of these nasal effusions, may be following a bad blow received on the nose, which will create a micro trauma, but not only, there may be a foreign body (sneeze or blow nose can sometimes help), the drug use, a dramatic change in climate or atmospheric pressure. In most cases it is benign and harmless, but beware sometimes it can the apparent consequence of a more serious illness or be a symptom of a much larger health problem. If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

The technique that I will reveal is especially effective after a hit or following a micro nasal trauma, it will help the coagulation of the inner wall of the nose.

Arreter un saignement de nez

Du mai 16

This point from Chinese acupuncture called "From May 16 or the palace of the wind or Feng Fu" is the sixteenth point of the Governor's Vessel or Mother of Yang meridians and is one of the 8 "curious meridians or wonderful vessels". In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is said that this point extinguishes the inner wind, nourishes and soothes the mind.

And contrary to what many people think, it is not on the nose, it is at the meeting of the occiput (back base of the skull) and cervical.

Just press this point. Put your thumb in this spot, lean your head back and do not apply too much pressure or too light for a minute. Straighten his head and see for yourself. If you want to massage this point alone, then use a tennis ball, stick it between a wall and the top of your neck. Make small circles, the feelings are very pleasant.