There are some points from shiatsu and Chinese acupuncture that will help relieve your headaches. But first of all, you must know the origin of your migraine, because if you are dehydrated, you will just need to drink a big glass of water, if it's strong lights, put glasses adapted to the situation, if it is due to hormonal dysfunction, another type of treatment will be more appropriate ...

LI 4 also called "the bottom of the valley or the harmonizing torrent or the aspirin point". It is located in what is called "the wolf mouth" between the base of the thumb and the index finger. Make one side then the other.

Le point Gros intestin 4 (GI4) est très important pour le mal de tête

LIV 3 also called "supreme assault" will help calm the spirit. It is located in front of the junction point of the big toe and second one.

Le point foie 3 (FO3) permet de libérer l'énergie vers le haut du corps

The head contains many very useful points for the headache such as:

* G 20 also called "wind pond", located under the occiput, but one finger lateral of V 10.

* G 21 also called "the shoulder well" located halfway between the spine and the tip of the shoulder, slightly above the shoulder blade.

Le mal de tête, d'où vient-il ?

There are still other points or techniques that can be added, but their number is large.

But where do these headaches come from.

There is what is called a primary headache; it is when headache appears without no real health concern (too much noise, being hungry, jet lag, lights too strong or just tiredness…), but more with environmental daily life. The shiatsu points given above will be quite effective in this case.

We also talk about tension headaches (those that touch each sides of the head), when one feels like a bar in the middle of the forehead or that it taps more and more strong. They would be related to the muscles of the neck and pericranians. The advantage of this last is that the pain does not increase if one has an activity, it is "just" handicapping and unpleasant.

There are secondary headaches that are when a migraine appears due to a health problem (eg meningitis, cardiovascular accident, hypertension, drug abuse, dehydration, hyperthyroidism...). In this case another shiatsu protocol will be put in place, which will treat the meridian related to the organ concerned

Migraine is another form of headache, it can be very disabling. It often starts on one side, we feel that the beating of our heart resonates loudly in the head and that the more we will solicit this heart more beats will become strong and numerous. The best thing to do in this case is to lie down in the dark in peace. They can be chronic, without really knowing why they appear.

The best thing to do is to rest and to calm in a dark room.

Do not forget in this case to talk about it to your doctor.