Le shiatsu est une thérapie d’origine japonaise qui active le processus naturel de guérison

Foot reflexology

Brussels Halle Buizingen

The foot reflexology is coming from China; it’s a massage of the entire foot and more generally of the foot arch. The foot reflexology first and foremost helps to soothe body tensions and reduce stress. Foot reflexology is considered as an alternative medicine or unconventional medicine. Some call it a therapeutic foot massage.

The principle of this ancestral technique is that each organ is connected to a reflex point that is located on the foot. It is a gentle massage performed on all parts of your feet (mainly the arch, but not only it). I will be using my thumbs but also the palms of my hands. Massaging these reflex zones will help locate certain tensions in the body, release them and restore the body's energies.

hand Reflexology

Each reflex zone corresponds to either an organ (heart, kidney, pancreas, eye, brain...), or a viscera (stomach, oesophagus, intestines, bladder...), a gland (adrenal, pituitary, thyroid...), a muscle (trapezius, deltoid, quadriceps...), a nerve (sciatic nerve...), a bone (coccyx, spine, occiput...), or other parts of the body (sinuses, tubes Fallopian tubes, Eustachian tubes, vocal cords, ovaries, prostates...). We will find all these reflex points on the feet, but also in the hands.

It is clinically proven today that foot reflexology or hands have a strong impact on stress, depression and tension. It is also known to help with lymphatic drainage and relax the muscles.

For all those who practice sports, especially those who have to run, I highly recommend coming for this "foot massage". Especially the few days before a game or a race (especially for the 10 km, half-marathons, marathons, trails or triathlon). You will feel a huge difference in the sensations during the race, your feet will stay lighter, longer, but it is especially at the end of the race that it will pay, you will still be able to accelerate in the last miles (tested and approved).

A session is contraindicated in case of trauma or inflammation of the foot (except for plantar fasciitis which will allow to relax this connective tissue, so recommended for runners). If you are athletic report it, tell me your feelings that we can work together.

foot réflexology

The reflexology session

A session takes approximately 60 minutes. In a zen and soothing room, you will lie comfortably on a massage table, on the back. For your comfort I will give you a soft blanket to make you feel as good as possible.

The first sensation that you will feel is a total appeasement, a great relaxation, a well-being and slowly you will let yourselves go. You will feel the knots and tensions unravel. Sometimes you will feel some uncomfortable points like a pain that feels good, like a necessary evil that you have to get rid of.

During the foot reflexology session we can do what is called a foot reading, we explain what we see or feel there.

At the end of the session you will feel your feet so light, as if you were walking on a cloud.

For a session of about 60 minutes you will be asked 70 €.