Le shiatsu est une thérapie d’origine japonaise qui active le processus naturel de guérison

To soothe menopausal hot flashes

Menopause comes from the ancient Greek meaning the end of the menstruation or the woman reproductive function.

The pre-menopause arrives near the end of the forties, beginning of fifties. It is an emotional and physical trial which is unfortunately an "necessary" passage for women.

In the early fifties, the woman produces a smaller amount of estrogen and progesterone hormones, she does not ovulate at the same pace, the menstrual periods begin to gradually become more and more irregular, more or less long, lighter or more abundant. What will create a hormonal imbalance, which will bring him tensions, hot flashes, skin irritations, night sweats, shots of pumps, a drop of libido ......

In Asia, he calls it the second spring, because thanks to shiatsu, the fire of the menopause can be calmed.

VB 20

Here are some points borrowed from Chinese medicine and Chinese acupuncture that will help relieve the fire of premenopause. With Shiatsu I will seek to balance the flow through the endocrine system.

Press each of these points for 1 to 3 minutes.

point shiatsu pour calmer la menopause

* GB 20 also called "pond of the wind", located under the occiput, but halfway in lateral, between the two connecting muscles.VB20 or gallbladder 20 is often used for hot flashes, dizziness, stress, irritability, to treat headaches, nasal congestion, pain and stiffness in the neck ...

* LI 3 also called "supreme assault" will help calm the spirit. It is located in front of the junction point of the big toe and second. FO3 or Foie 3 is one of the most functional shiatsu points for menopause that helps relieve mood swings, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, headaches and vertigo.

* LI 11 also called "pond of the curve", when the arm forms a 90 ° angle, it is located at the end of the outer fold of the elbow, at the limit of the joint.GI 11 or Large Intestine 11 is one of the essential acupuncture points of the body that is used for a wide range of health problems such as menopause, night sweats, high fevers, sore throat, sore throat head, menstrual problems ...

* HT 6 also called "accumulation of yin", located near the wrist, auricular side, a finger under the fold of the wrist.CO 6 or Heart 6 is another important point for menopause because it will relieve anxiety, irritability and night sweats. It is also used to treat chest pain, emotional disorders, panic attacks and nosebleeds.

* KI 3 also called "supreme valley or large ravine", located on the inner part of the ankle, between the malleolus and the Achilles tendonRE3 or Rein 3 is one of the important points to relieve menopause, mood swings and depression.

* SP 6 also called "crossing of 3 yin", located 3 fingers above the medial malleolus, against the tibia.R / P6 on Spleen / Pancreas 6 is an extremely menopausal point for everything related to female regulation. It is also beneficial for treating disorders of the spleen, menstrual problems ...

* ST 36 also called "3 measures or 3 miles", located 3 fingers under the outer part of the patella, at one finger of the tibia's edge.This point increases the KI. When the blood is deficient, it will help restore it. It is said that the Japanese army used this point to travel 3 miles (5 kilometers) more than expected.

* RM 6 also called "sea of ​​ki", located 2 fingers below the navel.RM 6 or Ren Mai 6 is a stimulating point especially in women, it is useful for relieving menstrual problems ...

* RM 17 also called "center of the thorax", located in the center of the sternum.RM 17 or Ren Mai 17 is important for relieving anxiety, hormonal disorders, breast problems.

bouffée de chaleur chez la femme