Shiatsu is a therapy of Japanese origin that activates the natural healing process

Chair massage

Brussels Halle Uccle

Chair massage called "Amma" means "hands that calm down". This art takes source in the heart of Japan, it is said that there are more than 1000 years. Only the blind were at that time allowed to practice it, because the touch is so important in this type of massage that it was thought that only a blind person could be able to feel and perform this touch quality.

Chair massage is ideal for companies that want to take care of their employees. It is a technique that allows the body to relax intensely in a few minutes. The goal will be to exert pressure with the palms of the hands or thumbs on the meridians which are 20 in number (the 12 traditional meridians and the 8 wonderful vessels) or on specific points which all come from the acupuncture, there are 361. And when you put pressure on these acupuncture points, "something" is released. Yin and Yang recreate a balance and thus allow the body to relax and release his tensions.

stress and Burn out

We can come:

* Inside the company.

* At the event place (a wedding, a professional event, a brainstorming, a party...).

* In a stand at an event show.

* At home if this is the place of the evening.

Before the massage, the only thing that will be required of you is to remove your shoes, your watch and undo your belt. Then all you have to do is to sit on a chair created specifically for this type of massage and enjoy. Chair massage is practiced through clothing so no oil, no smell, no traces… A session lasts 15 or 30 minutes, the price varies from 20 € to 35 €.

Conducting a chair massage session:

* We come to the requested place.

* We install the professional chair specially designed for the situation and all that may be necessary in relation to your request.

* There are 3 massages of 15 minutes per hour, with a mini break of ¼ hour every 2 hours. A masseur can do up to 24 massages a day.

* The "client" can tell us if he wants us to insist on an area such as the shoulders, the neck, the lumbar ... or if he prefers more deeply.

untreated or chronic stress that can lead to depression, overwork or burnout

What makes this massage ideal for employees and their companies:

* They will relax.

* They will be more creative, more open, more efficient, more enduring.

* It reduces absenteeism.

* It helps with recovery.

* It allows a better oxygenation of the brain.

* It reduces tensions and stress within a group.

* It calms the pain in general.

* It increases productivity.

It's like moving back a quarter of an hour to move forward by 3.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me