Le shiatsu est une thérapie d’origine japonaise qui active le processus naturel de guérison

Deep Massage

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Treat yourself to a moment of pure relaxation in a soothing and warm setting. Depending on your needs, the massage is gentle or deep. The important thing is to get rid of your muscular or articular pains.

First of all, in all the massages I give you, there is no "style" in particular, but it is a clever mix of Western techniques, sports massage, Swedish, Californian ..., fascia work and Eastern (shiatsu, Chinese ...). The massage therapist will harmonise the different techniques to be adopted according to your personal needs. And most importantly, I will listen to your body, my hands will go where they need to go (you may be surprised).

During the treatment, the room is heated to the right temperature, but it is true that if you are chilly, a plaid will automatically be offered to you so that you can fully enjoy this moment.

The combination of massage oil and essential oils will be offered to help work more effectively on certain painful areas. They can help the therapist by giving a relaxing, soothing or stimulating heat effect. Using the appropriate essential oil can help reduce cellulite (some oils have a slimming effect) and tone the skin.

ma piece zen

* The massage will help to reduce your stress.

* It will relieve you of back pain.

* It will allow a total release.

* It will allow to relieve muscular and articular tensions.

* The massage will allow you to recover muscle elasticity.

* It tones the body and amplifies vital energy.

* It allows you to better fight against anxiety.

* It relieves the lumbar vertebrae.

* It softens the skin.

* The massage soothes and relaxes the muscles.

* It evacuates fatigue and pain.

* It brings good mood.

* It is to take care of its body.

* The massage allows a better elimination of toxins.

* It will free the shoulders and remove the tension between the 2 shoulder blades.

The benefits of massage

The massage starts with the neck, shoulders, arms, shoulder blades, intervertebral muscles, lumbar vertebrae, sacrum, legs ...

It is a technique that combines traditional massage (pressure, massage, friction, balancing a limb, mobilization), but also shiatsu techniques (use of meridian points from Chinese medicine), as well as foot reflexology.

Finally, as the massage progresses, you will feel your muscles relax, tensions are released, knots are untied, pains evaporate...

massage relaxant


This relaxing massage allows you to release your emotional overflow, but also to untie your knots and tensions in the area of the trapezius, the shoulder blades, the shoulders, along your spine as well as your neck and not forgetting your lower back.

It helps to eliminate emotional and energetic blockages and increases vitality. The movements are soft, slow and fluid, which brings you serenity and tranquillity.

During 1 hour 37 minutes, you will forget everything, this Massage Anti-Stress activates the production of dopamine (happiness hormone), serotonin (well-being hormone, anti depression)...

This is the massage I recommend for anyone who has trouble sleeping, who is under too much pressure at work, who has low self-esteem or who suffers from anxiety, worry, fears... During the session, the nervous system calms down and allows you to acquire a real relaxation.

Price: 120 € for 1 h 37 / 150 € for 2 h

This is a very gentle massage that focuses on the back, neck and shoulders. It promotes blood and lymphatic circulation. It is true that it will help a lot anyone suffering from mild depression. You will feel a sense of well-being.

Usually the patient falls into "half-sleep", it is both present and at the same time very distant. It is a very pleasant experience. You feel so good that you don't want to go back to the real world.

It is currently my most requested massage and given the current situation, it is likely to become even more so.

Neck - Shoulders - Back - Lumbar

Arms - Hands

Hips - Legs - Calves - Feet

massage relaxant


The full-body massage will bring you relaxation all over your body. It also relieves tension from head to toe. For sportsmen and women, getting a massage is just as important as stretching after a sports session.

It is suitable for anyone who does not have any specific problems or pains, but feels the need to be pampered for 90 minutes. Or conversely, for minor aches and pains all over the body. Ideal for anyone suffering from aches and pains. The aim is to relax the muscles.

A minimum of half an hour is devoted to the back massage (+ neck and shoulders), as this is where most of the pain and tension is concentrated. If a part of your body needs to be massaged longer or more deeply, please let me know.

Price: 100 € for 1 h 30 / 130 € for 2 h

Neck - Shoulders - Back - Lumbar

Arms - Hands

Hips - Legs - Calves


The mother-to-be is in great need of care. With equipment specially designed for pregnant women, my expert hands will spend a lot of time calming pains and tensions... The "Body Cushion" will allow her to lie on her belly for up to 6 to 8 months without worrying about the baby and it is comfortable.

If your belly no longer allows it, the body cushion also allows you to lie on your side and feel supported. This allows me to massage deeply all along the spine, around and over the shoulder blades, shoulders, neck and more.

As a massage therapist, it is a real pleasure, because during the whole massage you feel the need and the purpose of the massage. I only touch your belly on request.

Price: 80 € Duration: 1 h / 110 € Duration: 1 h 30 min

Neck - Shoulders - Back - Arms - Hands - Legs

future maman


This is a massage technique like you see a lot of in spas or massage institutes. It does not target a particular area or concern. I will work more in the heart of the muscle and on its tendons. It is ideal for those who have no particular expectations, who just need to relax for a while, to give themselves up for a moment and then leave. It is a massage where only the physical part is taken care of, but little or none of the energetic or emotional part. The masseur uses the palm of his hands as well as his forearms (this technique allows to massage the deep muscles), his thumbs...

Price: 100 € for 1 h 30 / 130 € for 2 h

Neck - Shoulders - Back - Legs - Calves

fresque horizontale


Shiatsu is a therapeutic massage based on traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine. The oriental techniques used will boost the immune system, relieve tension and offer you a moment of relaxation. It is very different from the traditional massage, we will rather apply pressure with the fingers on acupuncture points.

Some of the "distant" points will surprise you, to relax the neck and shoulders there are 2 points on the front of the calf. It is very surprising, but also very effective. It is a method which allows to work on 4 levels: the physical, the energetic, the emotional and the spiritual. It will allow to evacuate the origin of the "evil".

Some people live with anxiety, which prevents them from living fully and having certain pains in the chest. Well, here we can work to eliminate a good part of it and thus breathe better...

Price: 110 € for 1 h 30 / 140 € for 2 h

Whole body

or Sitting Massage in Company

Ideal within a company, this short massage allows you to relax quickly, and then leave.

It is adapted for companies that want to offer their employees a moment of relaxation, release...

This will allow the latter to be +++ productive afterwards. The chair massage is performed on an ergonomic and very comfortable chair specially designed for this situation.

Price: 20 € Duration: 1/4 h

Back - Neck - Shoulders - Arms - Hands - Legs

massage chaise
massage des anges


This is a very gentle massage that allows you to completely let go and release tension. My soft and expert hands will offer you an incomparable moment of relaxation. It brings a great muscular relaxation. Ideal for those who feel tired or depressed. It is very similar to the anti-stress massage. But there are 2 differences, the first is that I act on the whole body, the second is that it is even softer (which can give the sensation of being massaged by angels' wings).

You will have the sensation of going to another world, a calm place, filled with love and empathy. The aim of this massage is to relax the fascia as much as possible (which allows the muscle to relax even more).

It is very much appreciated by people who feel lonely, too oppressed at work or at home, lacking confidence... This massage of the Angels has the power to change you, it allows you to better accept yourself, it allows you to better manage the pressure of everyday life and especially to better love yourself. It is a real moment of escape. It allows to release and untie tensions, it brings a great muscular relaxation, it harmonizes the body and the spirit.

Price: 120 € for 1 h 30 / 150 € for 2 h

Neck - Shoulders - Back - Lumbar - Arms - Hands - Hips - Legs - Calves

I recommend 2 hours for this massage, as I have often heard patients tell me that 1.5 hours "goes by too quickly".