Le shiatsu est une thérapie d’origine japonaise qui active le processus naturel de guérison

Shiatsu Reiki Massage - The path of wellness

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Stephane votre therapeute a la voie du bien-etre à Hal

Everyday life puts a strain on the body. We live in a world where taking our time is a luxury that we often find difficult to afford because we are constantly in demand. Today, nearly 80% of the population in Europe suffers from back pain, aches and pains, sleep disorders, recurrent headaches, malaise or chronic pain. If we ignore the signals that our body sends us, we run the risk of developing illnesses or burn-out in order to be heard and considered. La voie du bien-être welcomes you in Hal (Halle) near Brussels from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. in a zen, warm and welcoming space conducive to absolute relaxation. If you wish, it is also possible to make an appointment for a massage at home. During a discussion with your practitioner, your current needs will be identified and you will be able to choose between several approaches: reiki, shiatsu, traditional massage or chair massage. One day being not the other, a different approach may be more suitable for a later session. It is possible that, depending on the elements mentioned, your practitioner will propose a session combining a Shiatsu massage approach for its therapeutic aspect and a traditional massage approach for the relaxation aspect. The relaxing massage allows the release of tension in the body. It stimulates the receptors in the skin that influence the nervous system and promotes the production of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. These have an anxiolytic effect and trigger a feeling of well-being that relaxes and soothes. Taking care of yourself, listening to yourself, taking time out and taking a break at the Well-Being Way is an opportunity to let go, to be more relaxed, to reconnect with your body. You will feel in harmony and you will only want to relive the experience! Your well-being is my priority.

I welcome you on Fridays from 2 pm to 8 pm at the Uccle medical centre "les Acacias" located at Avenue De Fré 263, 1180 Uccle.


Le shiatsu signifie littéralement en japonais « pression des doigts ». Il prend son origine de la médecine traditionnelle chinoise et japonaise. C’est comme l’acupuncture, mais à la place les aiguilles, on va effectuer une pression avec nos pouces ou la paume des mains afin d’activer sur des points de méridien le processus naturel de guérison. Il va vous permettre de vous détacher du monde, de dénouer les tensions, un sentiment de bien-être va vous envahir. Vous sentirez comme une coupure dans le temps. Le shiatsu est ce qu'il se fait de mieux aujourd’hui pour lutter contre les dépressions, le burn Out, la fatigue, les inquiétudes, l'anxiété, les souffrances, les frustrations, le stress, les troubles du sommeil, le mal de tête récurrent, le mal de dos... Le shiatsu va aussi vous aider à évacuer les tensions musculaires accumulées au fil du temps, soulager les douleurs articulaires, éliminer les toxines, de récupérer plus vite, de rééquilibrer votre énergie vitale (Yin et Yang). C’est un massage thérapeutique qui agit sur le système immunitaire sur le long terme.

Le shiatsu est une thérapie d’origine japonaise qui active le processus naturel de guérison
Le massage vous permet de faire disparaitre ces tensions et de vous relâcher


The massage brings you a deep relaxation of the muscles. My expert hands will linger on all these tensions, these joint pains, in order to soothe them, to make them disappear, to alleviate the effects of daily stress, to evacuate tiredness, to relieve pains... I combine a traditional massage with points from traditional Chinese medicine. This massage will make you feel like a haven of peace that gently invades you. Very effective for people suffering from back pain, heavy legs, stiffness in the neck or tension in the shoulders... Your well-being is my priority. My massage will bring you a real relief, it will allow a better blood and lymphatic circulation, but it does not replace a medical advice in case of injury. It is a massage performed with vegetable oil and organic essential oils.

The benefits of a massage session do not stop at relieving the neck, shoulders, muscles along the spine, lumbar (lower back), thighs and calves. You are a living being not just a body, this is energetic and holistic massage therapy.

Usui Reiki

Reiki will allow you to dissolve energy blocks, to free yourself from negative or repressed emotions. This ancient technique will allow you to travel within yourself, to find a better self-image and thus gain confidence. It will also calm your fears and anxieties and help you to find inner peace. Reiki is also recommended for people suffering from depression or burn out...

L’énergie du reiki va vous permettre de vous retrouver
Le corps humain

Chair Massage

The best way for employees to get a short 15-minute massage to relieve stress and improve performance. It allows you to relax intensely in a few minutes. It is a technique halfway between Shiatsu and massage. It does not require any oil, it is practiced on the clothes.

Foot Reflexology

It is primarily used to relieve tension in the body and reduce stress. - It is intended to calm or eliminate certain pains, and is very popular with sportsmen and women.

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My massage practice in Hal

GPS address: Octaaf de Kerchove d'exaerdestraat 193, 1501 Buizingen

* By car: ring exit 20, on the right (if you are going south), second traffic light on the left, 300 m, you can park. Except in exceptional cases, it is very easy to find a place.

* By train: the stations of Huizingen and Buizingen (13 minutes from Brussels South) are respectively at 700 and 600m. Hal station is 1.9 km away.

* By bus: there is the De Lijn line 153 and 154 which pass through Hal station, to Drogenbos, Beersel, Uccle and Anderlecht.

My massage practice in Uccle

Only on Friday afternoon

GPS address: Avenue De Fré 263, 1180 Uccle

* By car: Located at the top of the Avenue de Fré, 500 m from the Chaussée de Waterloo, 700 m from the Barabar. Parking is generally quite easy.

* By train: the nearest stations are "Vivier d'oie" and "Saint Job".

* By bus: The 41 on the STIB line at the "Hôpital Sainte-Élisabeth" stop

My home massage practice

I come to you, either at your home or at your workplace.


La carte des prix


This is a gentle and very slow massage. It allows you to let go. Ideal for depression, exhaustion or burn-out. Just divine!

1h30 - 100 €     2H - 130 €


I focus on your back, from the nape of the neck to the sacrum and the shoulders. It is the ideal treatment for those who suffer from back pain.

1h-70 €     1h30 - 100 €     2H - 130 €


This is a traditional massage where we will focus on the pain of the moment. The back alone often takes up 50% of the time.

1h30 - 100 €     2H - 130 €


Therapeutic and energetic session, thanks to the pressure of the thumbs following the principles of Chinese medicine

1h30 - 100 €     2H - 130 €


For anyone who feels stress, anxiety, tension, back pain... This massage is for you!

1h30 - 100 €     2H - 130 €


You have only one thing to do during the following hour: you must do nothing and above all enjoy the present moment.

1h30 - 100 €     2H - 130 €


This is a massage of the arch of the foot. It has the effect of relieving tension in the body, reducing stress and making your feet feel lighter.

1h30 - 100 €